We have not only accommodation but also some activities for you. If you would like to see, touch and experience the places you wouldn't usually go to, here are some activities. Please check this out.

  • Tipy Stroll

    Let's discover the ordinary life of Odawara! A town walking tour as if you were visiting your hometown.

    We go out to the town of Odawara two hours before your check-in. It's not unusual to bump into locals and have a chat. Why don't you take a walk with us to feel the unique wind of Odawara?

    Price: 2,500 yen (1,500 yen for guests)
    Date: all year round
    Time required: 2h

    ※Please book in advance
    ※Food and drink must be paid for by the participants.
    ※A minimum of two people is required.
  • Making plum wine

    Odawara is famous for its plums. Choose your favourite plums, sugar and alcohol. Make the only plum wine or syrup in the world!

    You will be able to choose between two types of plum and soak them in your favourite liquor such as rum or brandy and sugar to take home. After three months, your plum wine should be ready to drink.

    Price: 2,000 yen (1,500 yen for guests)
    Date: All year round
    Time required: 30 minutes

    ※Please book in advance
    ※Additional charges may occur depending on what is included.
  • Harvesting plum &
    Making plum wine

    Picking plums from the Tipy mountains and turning them into plum wine in no time!

    You can make plum wine from plums you have picked yourself on the same day. The event takes place in Minami-Ashigara city, on a mountain we have. There are goats on the loose and a view overlooking Odawara. Please enjoy the excursion as it is a great way to get there!

    Price: 4,000 yen
    Date: Around June
    Time required: 4h(Travel time is included.)

    ※Please book in advance
    ※Dates may vary depending on the year and will be cancelled in the rain. ※You will be responsible for your own travel expenses.
  • Wood deck

    Have lots of fun on the wood deck! You can have a picnic, do yoga and watch a film.

    Tipy records A wood deck next to Tipy records inn. You can feel relaxed and also for use as a workspace. We loan out a projector that you can enjoy watching film. (These services are available for all guests)

    1,100yen/1hour (for coworking)
    15,000yen/1day (for event)
    Date: all year round
    Usage time: 9:00~21:00

    Rental projector 3,300yen/3hour
    Usage time: 18:00~21:00

    ※Please book in advance
  • Rental bike service

    Have a great time in Odawara with our bicycle! Let's roll around the town!

    You can get around Odawara as long as you have a bicycle. Please enjoy cycling with our local map.

    Price: 1,000yen (per day)
    Date: all year round
    Usage time: 9:00~19:00

    ※Kanagawa Prefecture has made it compulsory to have bicycle insurance. Please ensure that you have your own insurance when using a rental bike. Read more about terms of service and insurance.

We offer a plan for those who want to start a new life in Odawara.

Odawara is a lovely place to live. Nature is close at hand, and plenty of fresh fish and vegetables are there. It is easily accessible from Tokyo, and the neighbouring towns are all attractive. It's a fascinating city that some people have started living Odawara immediately after the trial life we offer. However, the decision to move is a big one. Can you actually commute? How is the living environment? What about shopping? And so much more, we're here to answer all your questions! Don't worry. The city tour included in the trial life plan also gives you the opportunity to communicate with locals and those who have moved. We will do our best to support you in planning your future in Odawara.