When you feel like something starts
when you are seeing,
touching or experiencing something
for the first time.
We think that makes you exciting.

Committed to providing our guests
with the most unforgettable stay,
the Tipy records inn offers
a range of facilities and services
to ensure just that.
It will be a breath of fresh air for you.
Please visit us

This is a place where a collection of travellers' best record from all over the world.

One of the most exciting things to do during your stay at Tipy records inn is THE RECORD PAPER. The walls of the inn are lined with papers containing personal stories about music and records from travellers who have visited the inn.
Reading the memories and stories of "me" on a record can be a moving experience. You can listen to them on the record players in some rooms and common areas.Why not spend some quality time with the stories behind each record?
※You can also get a discount of 500 yen if you donate a record or CD along with a piece of record paper when you stay with us. Why not share your own music and memories with visitors to the Tipy?

We have 4 buildings and 8 private rooms, please choose your favourite room.

We are multiple accommodations with four buildings, all within a minute's walk of each other. Every room has a different atmosphere and different ways to use it.
You will indeed find your favourite room.


We have all private rooms and also renovated Japanese kominka. Let me introduce our uncompromising rooms.


Tipy records inn offers the best "how to walk" in Odawara. There is a lot of nature, fabulous shops and lovely people. You will probably be drawn in by the lure of Odawara.


For those who want to spend time richer, we offer activities like Odawara walk tour and homemade plum wine. Please choose the activity you are interested in.

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Please check
our Odawara Local Map.

We have made a map of recommend spots in the area.
Please make use of this map for exploring Odawara.


Tipy records inn

Sakaecho, Odawara, Kanagawa

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3 minutes walk from Odawara station.

We do not have our own parking lot.
Please park at the paid parking nearby.