about us

Tipy records inn wants to create a world
where everyone can be in
and create excitement together.

With a heart full of excitement and acceptance
for each other as we warm our community,
we are giving shape to our idea.

Sometimes it is a gateway to the city of Odawara,
sometimes it is a starting point to meet new people.

We will continue to create
many exciting moments for you.


Tipy records inn is an accommodation and does a range of activities that everyone will be excited about, we are trying various events, and tour people will be drawn into Odawara. Please check our activities by all means.


Mini Marché

There will be lots of knick-knacks and workshops recommended by Tippy! You may find some hints to enrich your life.

A small marche event to enrich your life a bit. The shop sells handmade earrings and other items like yoga, wormwood steaming, and aroma fragrance-making experiences.

We also do other events like this!
  • [ Tipy Festa ]

  • [ Tipy Yakiimo ]

  • [ Tipy-no-otsukai ]


Local Campus

This is a practical project in which young people use Odawara to connect with the local community and take on new challenges. Our motto is "Let's do it!"

Students have been affected by the coronavirus, and they have had fewer opportunities to meet and learn practically. "What can we do for them?" That's how this project started. This six-month programme connects them with local players, teaches you about the local area and society, and supports you in the challenge of creating a project. Link >


Trial life in Odawara

A unique plan to trial life in Odawara. Our representative, Koaze, will be happy to show you around the town and help you with your move.

This plan is offered in cooperation with Odawara. We will be happy to answer any questions about commuting to work on the Shinkansen or the childcare environment. Please come and stay with us and let's imagine your life in Odawara. This plan can be from two nights and three days. For more information. Link >

Tipy records

This is a center of excitement.

There is always a lot of laughter and chat in the lounge where Tipy members and friends gather. Many unique projects and events are born out of casual conversations and fantasies. It's a special place full of ideas and enthusiasm. This is also where the records brought by our guests are collected. We open now and then, please come visit us!


We would like to introduce you to some of the members of the Tipy family,
all of whom are full of personality and fun.
We also asked each of them about" what happened" when they met Tipy.

  • Yusuke Koaze

    Born in Ninomiya. Representative. "Hi! I'm Yusuke! Thanks for visiting our website! I always act before thinking. That's how Tipy all began!"

  • Asami Uchida

    Born in Minamiashigara. Wife of Koaze. "Hi I'm Asami! I've been working behind the scenes since the start of Tipy. "

  • Ruriko Okutsu

    Born in Kawasaki. Tipy's desginer. "Hello! I'm RurikoSince I was involved with Tipy, my hobby of designing and illustrating turned into my main job! "

  • Emi Nishijima

    Born in Minamiashigara. Room cleaning leader. "Hi I'm Emi! I launched my accessory brand when I've started working at Tipy!"

  • Nancy

    Born in Hiratsuka. A wonderful room cleaner. "Hello! I'm Nancy! Since I worked at Tipy, I have loved cleaning, and It's great every day!"

  • Betty

    Born in Miyazaki. A woman of passionate heart. "Hi I'm Betty! I'm working at a radio station as well. I visited Tipy for a radio interview and joined a staff member on the same day!"

  • Ami Negishi

    Born in Ashigarakami-gun Oi Ms. creative. "Hello! I'm Ami! Meeting the Tipy led to a fun job in Odawara!"

  • Keiko Omura

    Born in Atsugi. Voice teacher. "Hi I'm Keiko! Since working at Tipy, I've been addicted to Odawara Satsumaage(deep fried fishcake)!!"

  • Pei-san

    Born in Odawara. A goofy boy. "Hi I'm Pei! Tipy's online events are the starting point of my music career!"

  • Rin Kobayashi

    Biorn in Yokohama. Live-in staff. "Hello! I'm Rin! I fell in love with Himono(dried fish) when I came to Tipy and Odawara"